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Related post: Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 09:31:34 EDT From: Subject: the perfect life chapter 2Chapter 2: T-Town challenges.I woke up monday morning. I did the usual. I dressed differently today though. Some reason i wanted to look good. Hmm, wierd. I dressed in Cargo pants from Tommy, free mpeg virgin and a nice hawaiian shirt. Lovely. Put on cologne, Tommy brand, and went downstairs. My parents were up, reading the paper and eating. I quickly stuffed down sausage and eggs and went cumming little virgin girls on my walk. One more day of walking. Tommorrow i would have a lot to think about.... I walked to school. This morning I was thinking of how my day was going to shape up. Seeing Chad at school in every period and then lunch as well. Man, I have it great. I finally arrived at school and Resa was by herself. We talked about the weekend, me leaving out virgin lesbian teens pictures the part about my uncles. I told her about Chad and she was very happy for me. I was happy for once in my life, truly happy. The bell rang and we went to class. virgin freesex First period passed with the usual boredom and bullshit. Second being P.E. was fun. I got to stare at all those guys. God.We then proceded to play B-Ball. Now let me tell you about me before I tell you what happened during basketball. I am a very opinionated person. If you insult me, i protect myself. Truth ot not. I defend myself. Bigger than me or not, I defend myself. Well you understand after what happened next. I was playing and just as I was going up for virgin sex galleries a shot I was pushed down on the ground. It was Josh. virgin porn real He is the "bully" you might say of the 9th and 10th grades. Everybody loves him that are in his circle of friends.Josh: Fag, you better watch where you are going. Me: Look, I dont know what or who you are calling a fag. But I will tell you. Dont FUCKING PISS virginz teen galleries ME OFF BITCH. I HATE THAT GOD DAMN WORD. 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You are dead. And just to add to the problems. I am really gonna make it hurt. You are about to free virgins com toplist get the shit kicked out of you by a "fag" as you call them. or would you rather have "fairy" or Queer, flamer, fudge packer. Take your pick. But this will be you last time you will utter a gay slur. Josh: Twig licker. Me: Take this you fucking piece of shit racist bitch.With that said I waltzed up to him and kneed him in the balls. Then i bent him over and gave him a huge wedgie. After that I kicked him again, threw him on the ground. Then tackled him and kept hitting him until he bled, which did not take much. I would have fucking slaughtered him, but Coach Watkins came and broke it up.Coach: Look you little shit. You just beat russian little virgin up my star football player. This is Gym little virginis tgp duty for you. You and him will be cleaning out the locker room with me in detention this afternoon.Great. This is all i need. So i went about my game. Chad was srtuck with horror throughout the entire inccident. We went on with our game. The rest of the day was great. Note the sarcasim? By lunchtime. russin virgin Everybody knew. I walked into the lunchroom and felt like a fucking fish in a fishbowl. I went and got my food and sat with chad and resa and the rest of the gang. about 15 mintues later the football team came up to me.Josh: Bitch you better fucking watch your back off school. Cause if I see you,you will die. fucking polish virgins We will kick the shit out of you. Team: Yeah! Faggot.I looked at Chad and he nodde no. Resa the same. Now im smart and I know that Josh I can handle, but the entire football team, no. I said. Okay and went about my business.3rd and 4th was the same. adult free virgin Stares, slurs, and other things. I was fucking embarrased as hell. I finally left school after cleaning the locker room with Chad to walk home. 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I walked over to my bed and striped his shirt off. I kissed him deeply. I nibbled on his nipples for virgin teen sex a bit and kissed him all the way down to his barely showing "happy trail." I took off his little virgins nudist shorts. He was wearing boxer-briefs. Black Tommy Boxer briefs. God I love those. I stood up and ripped my wife-beater off. I took off m y pants and showed him me enormous 8 inch cut cock. I free balled it all day. I Knelt down and smelt of his package. It smelled jut like pre-teen boy. GOSH, i nearbout creamed on him right there. I then took his Boxer-Briefs off. He had about 6.5 inches. Still growing prolly. But i loved it. I then swallowed him all the way down. He moaned loud. He was in a world of his own. I stuck my finger in his boy virgin ass. He tasted so great. OH russian virgins free pictures JOHN, IM CUMM.....he children teen virgin pussy broke off and started bucking like crazy. He squirted 10-11 shots in my mouth, and I swallowed it all.Chad: John, that was incredible. But i have a average female lose virginity confession. I have never done this before. virgin teen girl Me and my boyfriend waited. It was a bad decision on my part. Me: It is okay. Me neither.He smiled and went down on me. He swallowed about 4 inches gagged and backed off. It felt great. I layed back on my bed and shy virgin toplist enjoyed. He did the same as me, mocking me to the T. It was great. i hope that this is what he felt. I have never felt NEthing like his mouth. It did not take long. uniqu pussy virgins I came about 2 minutes later. We. both layed back and chatted about what just happened. He was smiling the entire time.Chad: You smoke? Me: On Occasion. russian teen virgins I smoke cigs every now and then as well. Chad: Oh. Cause a little weed would be good right now. Me: Yes, you are correct on that. Well so..What do you want free virgins to do now. Chad: Lets lay here.He looked at me with those deep brown eyes of his.Chad: I love you John. Me: I love you teen virgin thai nudist virgin little girls nude too Chad.We lad back cuddling and we both went to sleep. I woke up to my mom shaking me to wake up for supper.Mom: Hun, it is suppertime. And judging by the looks of things you girl lost virgin xxx had a good afternoon. Im assuming he is staying for dinner. Will you virgin extreme sex rape come with sex russia virgin site me please. beautiful girls naked virgin We'll come back and get him in a sec.We went nude asian virgins outside my room.Mom: So, i want details. You two dating? Me: MOM!!! Yes we are, but please no more questions. Not ready to discuss that topic with you. It is too wierd. Mom: Okay hun. Get you clothes on and come down stairs. ( it was now I realized I was completely naked in front of my mom) Tell him to do the same. And if you have sex, please be careful. You know rubbers and all.With that she winked and left. I got chad up and we went down for supper. She told my dad and they drilled russian virgin sex movies Chad with questions nude child illegal virgin throughout supper. Chad phoned his parents pretten virgins to see if he could spend the night and walk to school with me the next morning. The funny thing was his mom defloration virgins russian tgp agreed. It was all my paretns idea. Mischeavious devils aint they. LOLWe went got him some clothes and came back. We virgin nudes girls made love all night long. I must have came in his mouth 10 times. We finally went to bed about 2 and slept till 6.30. We woke, pics of virgin top had a quickie and went downstairs. Ate and left for school. I told him about my thinking time, and he honored that. We walked in silence the entire trip. When we got to school Resa was there as usual. I told her we were an Item, but to anal virgin huge cock keep it quiet. I did virgin cums not know porn teen virgin child if he wanted to be outed yet.School was the same as the last half of yesterday. At the end of the day, I told chad to go ahead and walk home. Ill pick him up there later 16 yr webcam virgins in my awesome car. About the time chad was leaving my mom drove up in her mini-van. Me drive that shit, hell no! We went to the DMV. I took the test and Aced it. She left to go do arrands though and said she would pick my up there at 5. So I waited. About teh time my mom was suppose to show up, My uncle drove up. He said he told my mom to go on home and wait for us there that he would pick me up. I told her that this was my new car. She loved it but was a little suspcious about how the car looked. I drove us home. When i pulled up, my mom came running out.Mom: Did you get it. dumb question sexy virgin stupid. of course or you would not be driving. Me: Yes mom. Duh. russian virgins tits virgin loita Well, see you Uncle Mike. I call coming over later this month. Uncle Mike: Dont you think you should give me a lift home. Or sex virgin 14 porno else how am i getting home. Since I am giving you this car, I have no way home. Mom: MIKE? Are you crazy. This car cost a fortune. Mike: Of course. Me and Sara love him. This is are thanks for him growing up to be a very outstanding citizen. Mom: ...... Me: Well, Thanks uncle mike. i looooooooooove the color, and the others you added. All for me? Mike: Yes John. Here you go, title, keys. And inside you will find a beeper and cell phone. They are for you, but we got them for your mother really. So she could contact you if needed. The bill is payed for for the next 10 years, so. Feel free to use it as you free small virgins see fit. And the insurance is also payed for 10 years. I saw i am fool virgin to that after you nasty virgins nude mom left last week. happy late birthday John. Mom: Okay then. so that was the reason for the weekend visit. Thick as thieves you to are. Me: Mom, can you take virgins and nubiles him home. I kinda have plans already. Thanks. Mom: fine, but you better wash dishes tonight then. Me: Yes mame , i will.With that i hug both of them and hoped into my NEW CAR!!! I look in the passenger seat and lying there is a beeper with the number hairless virgin on a piece of paper, and a cell phone. A Real nice digital phone. The number is on a piece of paper. Im assuming he gave xxx 12yo virgins the number to my mom. Also there was in an envelope $5000. The rest of the money lef tover from the car. He wrote a note:Dear John:If you are reading this you have found the last of your money. This is for whatever you virginia teen summer camps choose. I hope you use this to buy new CDs. Or whatever. Dont blow it all in one place.Love you Uncle Mike.I was almost in tears. Here i have a wonderful boyfriend. A brand new Dodge Viper. And everything material I would need for the next 3 years. I immediatly went to Chad's house. He ran out to the car.Chad: Wow. This is nice. Convertible and everything. Love biz teen virgine it. Me: Lets ride. Hop in.With that he hoped in and I put little teen virgins incest the top down. We drove around. I told him I wanted to go shopping. Since there was no good stores in Tarboro, we went to Greenville. Told him I know people in G-Vegas(greenville as it is japan virgine called localy). virgin girls defloration We left. When we got virgin cherry fuck there we stopped by several stores(and a weed dealer I know). The first being a Cd store. I pick up 50 Cds erotic stories anal virgin that day. Including virgins mpeg much techo(acctually all they had) and many other. eminem's unreleased albums on order, Nelly, Nsync, Backstreet Boys, and many others. Since I had a 50 CD Changer in the back with my other many wonderful speakers and shit, I spent 30 minutes opening the CDs and chad put them in. we went shopping at the mall. Got lots of clothes. Spent some on Chad. virgin teen dream Got him an external burner for his computer. Got his mom some gifts, my mom some gifts, and Resa a Hand blown "hooka." Spent a total of 1543.34 dollars that day. I figured I woudl save the rest for later in a ban account. naked virgin links When we got back to T-Town, we drove around listening to tunes. When it got dark, i turned on the neons under and in the car.About that time, Trouble came cruising up. Josh and his mustang (POS compared to mine) pulled up right next to me. He rolled his window down. And spoke:Josh: Man, nice car for such a pathetic faggot. Maybe I should beat you down and take it. Me: Look, how bout you come and let me ripe your dick off? Josh: Ill tell you what. Lets race Faggot. Let see if you can handle a real car. Me: Fine Josh: Well here it is bitch. Lets dance!With that the light turned green. He virginnudegallery had me beat for about 2 seconds. But then After he was ahead about 50 little innocent virgins feet, I pushed the button art virgin sexe free for the nitro. I zoomed past him by about 200 feet. I saw him shit in his pants. It was the best feeling ever.I dropped chad off at his house an zoomed home. I went upstairs after washing dishes and got online. I saw Resa online and asked her if she wanted me to pick her virgin teen japanese up in the morning. She said fine by me. What you driving, your moms mini-van. Ha i told her. She was so funny. I told her she would see what i was driving. Funny bitch. I told her to be ready at virgin child porn 7.30. With that I signed off and went to sleep.I woke teens virgin funlumpkins up, picked Chad up, and headed to Resa's house. She didnt live that far from me, about a 5 minutes walk. When I got their she ran out.Resa: HOLY SHIT. Where did you get the money to get that car. Gosh. im in auw. Me: Uncle Mike. I love him. Payed for, HA!!! Wait till you see the system naked virgins movies I have. HA. And we will have fun tonight. Want to go cruising with me and chad tonight. Resa: Sure. Me: Well lets get this day over with. I stopmed on Josh's ass last night, so he will be particulary pissed today. YAY! Chad: I know, but that was funny. He thought he had you. HA Resa: You did not drag did you. Man. nasty nasty teeny virgin tiny virgin boys did you win. Me: attorney david virgin il Lovely Thing called Nitro. He was ahead by about 50 feet and i punched it. I heard the shit fall in his pants. HA! Resa: to school. Me: incest virgins top Oh, I almost forgot, i got you a present. But your not using, i mean getting it until tonight. Resa: Umm...Okay.We arrived at school, and got out. Nobody was in the parking lot. So we left. Wanted to show them the car later this afternoon. Freshman got nice car...Hey-Ho. I was rika asia virgins exstatic.First and Second went by uneventfully. After P.E. was over with things took a turn. I walked into the Lockerroom. I waited for everyone to leave because I wanted to shower without having virgin strawberry nude to watch my back. I saw everyone leave and went to shower. Striped down and got my soap and showered. I did not here anyone come in, but while I was showering I was grabbed and throw against a locker. I looked up and two guys were holding me, one on each arm. Josh was standing in from of me.Josh:Now who is riping whos balls off huh? Me: You better fucking not. I will so kill you. Josh: Why fucking not. The whole school may be talking about you. Some even want to kick you ass, but They laugh at me. I got beat up by a queer. You need to pay. Me: Well you deserved it bitch. Josh: You are in no position to be calling names. Now. Lets see....hmm...maybe yes. John, have you ever had anything shoved in your ass? Me: No, why? Josh: Well, fellows, turn him around please. Thanks.With that he rammed his cock into free virgin defloration my ass. It hurt so fucking much. I wanted to die. When he was done fucking little sexy virgins my ass ( no it did not feel barley legal virgins good, he shoved 9 inches of manhood in naked virgin teens my ass at once, wouldnt you be hurting?) he pulled out and I saw a spot of blood on his dick.Josh: Now look what you did. Shit. Anyways. You better virgin forbidden cumshot learn from this. And if you utter a word ilegal forum virgin to anyone, You will die. Me: Fine bitch. But, you better hope I dont catch you alone. Or I will beat you till you are in the hospital. Josh: Well, I dont think so. Me, Pace and Tony here Think different. Okay boys, porno ru virgin leave him to wallow in his pain. See ya later John. HAAnd with laughter, they left. I was in so much pain. It finally subsided about 10 mintues later and I went to lunch like nuthin happened. Should I tell anyone. He might come after me with the team. That would not be good. But what if I got him alone. These were some of the thoughts going through my head during lunch. Chad said I seemed distant and wanted to know what was wrong. I told him nuthin.I went to my last periods. Chad was worried something was wrong, I jsut told him nuthin was wrong. The bell rang and this was what I was waiting for. I ran out. Resa next to me, followed by chad on my right. WE stopped at teh door to the parking lot. I loooked outside and russian virgin pics saw about 30 people gathered around my car admiring its beauty.Me: Okay, lets do this. Put on my brand new $150 oakleys and walked on. When I made the car blowjob virgin beep everyone jumped. It was hilarious. I walked up to it with resa and chad. Everyone Shut up and just looked at it. They hoped in, followed lollipops virgins by me. I Told everyone Peace out and cranked it up. Reved it, put the top down, put on some good techno, said Chow and sped off. We went to our houses to do homework, and was to meet up later at 6 to go and hang. We hooker up at 6.We went hungary sexy virgins to see a movie, Goldmember. tgp virgins And then went to Hangman's Overlook. It is this spot out in the country where they used to hang people. It overlooks the town. People come here to Fuck, Smoke, and other illegal acts. It was here I gave her the bong I bought her, and fired up my wonderful KB. We finished off the bowl, stayed and chilled with the food I bought, and I dropped chad and her off, and went home. I got online, checked the nifty sites and went to sleep.Things went that way for the rest of the week. The same shit. Harrassment from Josh everyday. People talkng about the virgin thumbs galleries car. People wanting rides, which i gave none but to my friends. It was good. Things were once again lloking good free nude virgins by the end of the week. After all the shit that has gone on I came out on top this school week. But my perfect life didnt last long. Because fate has a way of being a bitch, and it showed its ugly face in a way I least expected it...............................................TBC- What will happen to John and Josh. Did Josh hurt John. Is Chad okay with this abuse? Will John tell Chad about preeteen virgin the lockerroom? Is John's car safe at school? All these virgins lands porno Anwsers and more next time on A Perfect Life!Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I will have another out as soon as I can get some things straight in my life. Hope you like the T-Town Challenges Chapter. Look for more. And As always, Email Questions, Comments and Concerns to Thanks for readin, and come back for Chapter 3: Trauma In the ER
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